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The Problem

Have you ever experienced something like this? 👇

Me: Hi Reddit, I'd like to see some pictures of cute kittens please!
Reddit: Your session has expired. Please log in again!
Me: Sure thing! Wait, what's my password again? It had my pets name I think? And probably my birthday? A I think I got it.
Reddit: Incorrect username or password. Please try again!
Me: Hm. Ok maybe it was my mothers birthday?
Reddit: Incorrect username or password. Please try again!
Me: Damnit. Ah, I think I added a '$' at the end. Or was it a '*'? I remember something about a special character being required...
Reddit: Incorrect username or password. Please try again!
Me: Ok, I give up. Reddit, I feel terrible for asking but can you please send me a new password?
Reddit: Sure thing. Please enter your email address.
Me: I can do that! Here you go.
Reddit: No user found with this email address.
Me: Gahhh. Maybe I used my Hotmail address? But I haven't used that one in ages. Oh well, it's worth a shot...
Reddit: An email has been sent to Please follow the instructions enclosed in the email.
Me: Thank god... Ok lets check my Hotmail account.
Hotmail: Hi there! Please enter your username and password.
Me: Sure thing! Wait...

We've all been there. There is just so many accounts, passwords and other information to keep track of it seems impossible to not get confused and overwhelmed. And to make things worse, every website and app has their own arbitrary rules for passwords and usernames that not only make each signup an annoying chore but end up making each password even harder to remember. This problem has existed for ages, but the situation seems to get worse by the minute, as every day countless new apps and websites emerge that all want not only part of your attention, but some of your personal data as well. Properly protecting your digital presence has become more important than ever and we've long since gotten to the point where trying to keep all your passwords and other sensitive information in your head seems not only impractical but downright irresponsible.

Password Reuse. Credit:

There's an app for that.

Of course, there is an app for that. Quite few in fact. Password managers exist in all shapes and colors, and have become an important part of many peoples digital lives. You've never heard of password managers, or are you not quite clear on how they work? The amazing people at the Electronic Frontier Foundation explain it much better than we ever could:

What is a password manager? Credit:

Enter Padloc

As we've mentioned before, there are quite a few password managers out there and many of them are quite good! So why should you choose Padloc over other password managers? Well, there are lots of reasons, but instead of listing a bunch of dry arguments we'd rather just show you! So why don't you go ahead and just give it a try?